SCOS Products

SCOS Product Overview

MOVEit Managed File Transfer

Complete Secure File Transfer

MOVEit will feature simple, secure folder sharing for internal and external users, drag & drop file transfer client, native S3 host support for MOVEit Automation, a RESTful API.

Wireshark Certified Training

Wireshark University

SCOS Software Amsterdam/Hoofddorp offers this official Wireshark University course as the European Wireshark University Certified Training Partner of the Wireshark Foundation of Gerald Combs, the creator of Wireshark.

Allegro Packets: Wireshark

Network Multimeter

Allegro Packets’ troubleshooting appliances are diagnostic tools for network analysis. They are deployed by network administrators around the world to analyze network traffic in real-time, whether the event to be analyzed is current or in the past.

Progress | Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold

IT Monitoring Reimaged

WhatsUp Gold has a whole host of user-driven improvements that let you proactively monitor more of what matters and give you instant visibility into the status of a network.


Digital Experience Platform

Put marketers in control with Sitefinity.
It’s highly extensible, high-performing and easy to use.


MOVEit Cloud MFTaaS

Cloud File Transfer as a Service

MOVEit Cloud is the Cloud version of MOVEit Transfer. MOVEit Cloud offers the Benefits of a MFT as a Service with Rapid Deployment… 

FTP Server software

Progress | Ipswitch WS_FTP Server

Thousands of IT teams depend on WS_FTP for the unique business-grade features required to assure reliable and secure transfer of critical data.

5GHz: 4 Wireless adapters, all capable to sniff on 5GHz 802.11ac with 4×4 MU MIMO.
2,4GHz: 16 Antennas integrated 2.4 GHz version with 4 3×3 wireless adapters inside

Riverbed Packet Analyzer PE

Network Analysis, Visualization

Riverbed Packet Analyzer Personal Edition Personal Edition is a visually rich and powerful analyzer for wired and wireless networks that is fully integrated with Wireshark, the leading open-source …



Active and passive surveys, advanced 3D modeling, smart antenna contouring, a full database of all network parts and powerful prediction capabilities for coverage, throughput and capacity, iBwave Wi-Fi® is the most productive and collaborative way to plan, design and deliver high-performance Wi-Fi networks.

FTP Client software

Progress | Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional

WS_FTP Professional FTP software is the safest and easiest way to upload and download files. It provides SFTP transfers with the highest levels of encryption, is easy to use and customize, and reduces administrative burden.

Windows Secure Email Server

Progress | Ipswitch IMail Server

IMail Server is a complete email messaging solution designed for small to mid-sized businesses and is backed by the industry’s best technical support team.


Connect Any Data Source to Any Application

Empowering applications with enterprise data is our passion here at Progress DataDirect. We offer cloud and on-premises data connectivity solutions across Relational, NoSQL, Big Data and SaaS data sources.

B2B Integration

Progress | Ipswitch MessageWay

MessageWay delivers high-volume B2B integration with SOAP/Rest web services interfaces and intelligent workflows.

CatchWire Network Visibility

Use Wireshark with CatchWire

CatchWire is an intelligent inline network monitoring appliance used by IT security organizations to detect threats to high value and remote areas of the network.