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Security Training for Wireshark / Windows

Wireshark: Advanced Network/Security Analysis
In this lab-based course, you will gain the skills required to effectively troubleshoot and secure a TCP/IP network by analyzing network traffic with Wireshark. Spend half of your class time learning techniques to analyze traffic on poorly performing TCP/IP networks using the world's most popular analyzer, Wireshark. After that, you will learn to identify reconnaissance processes on the network and indications that a host is compromised. With the strong emphasis on hands-on lab exercises and real-world case studies in this course, you will gain skills you can use immediately following the class. On the last day of class, you will review Wireshark functionality, TCP/IP troubleshooting, and security.


CSI - Cyber Security Investigation and Network Forensic Analysis
Practical Techniques for Analyzing Suspicious Network Traffic 
This course is designed for Network Security and Law Enforcement Personnel that possess a basic to intermediate general security and networking knowledge. Successful completion of this course will provide these individuals with a path-way into the field of Network Forensics Analysis. Personnel that already posses a working knowledge of Host-based Forensics Analysis should also attend this course as a means of gaining expertise in the End-to-End Digital Forensics process.

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