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As businesses rely more and more on a mobile, distributed and multi-tasking workforce, having a solid set of collaboration tools is a necessity.

Business users must be able to:

IMail Server allows Microsoft Outlook users to collaborate with each other effectively through an integrated and easy to use collaboration platform.


IMail Server Collaboration Features

Who Benefits from Collaboration Tools?

Teams and Project Management • Manage document revisions in a central location
• Quickly schedule meetings with one message
• Store project specific email messages in a shared folder
• Rapidly contact each other accelerating group projects
Administrators and Executives • Manage schedules with confidence with direct access and the ability to make updates as needed
• Have task lists, project schedules and meeting notes on hand and ready for review
Human Resources • Distribute company policies in read-only format for all employees to quickly access
• Maintain a company directory
• Post company events and holidays
Sales Force • Maintain up-to-date contact information for important clients, resellers and partners
• Access the latest sales tools developed by marketing
• Quickly get answers to questions from tech support or other groups, even while on the phone with customers
• Enable remote users to stay in contact with a central office for scheduling, inventory and progress reports
Operations • Manage supplier contacts in a central location
• Keep others up-to-date with shipment schedules
Educational Institutions • Maintain and distribute faculty and staff contacts
• Publish room assignments, holidays and important dates.
Service Providers • Gain a competitive advantage by offering cost-effective collaboration tools to clients, and get them up and running in a fraction of the time needed for groupware products.

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