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Anti-Virus Protection

Safe. Secure. Peace of Mind.
IMail protects your business and your users from email borne threats by offering anti-virus technology from three leading security vendors which can be fully integrated into your choice of IMail Server products. Your choices for anti-virus are IMail Anti-virus powered by BitDefender and IMail Anti-virus powered by Symantec and Commtouch’s Zero Hour Virus Outbreak Protection.


IMail Anti-Virus powered by Commtouch
IMail Anti-virus powered by Commtouch is now available for purchase with your IMail Server. The Commtouch-powered solution features the award winning Command Anti-virus SDK.


The Command Anti-virus technology has a proven track record of successful malware defense for over 20 years. Combined with the industry-leading Commtouch technology that analyzes more than 4 billion emails per week, IMail Anti-Virus powered by Commtouch is an undeniably effective addition to your IMail Server.

What Makes IMail Anti-Virus powered by Commtouch Different?


IMail Anti-virus powered by BitDefender
As a fully integrated optional feature, IMail Anti-virus powered by BitDefender gives you “set it and forget it” protection for both ingoing and outgoing traffic. By eliminating viruses before they leave your server, you protect those you do business with and prevent unnecessary problems such as blacklisting.


IMail Anti-virus powered by Symantec Scan Engine
The Symantec Scan Engine leverages carrier-grade protection from a world leader in security and automatic updates to the virus definitions.


Symantec integrates proprietary and patented URL filtering scanners, and industry-leading anti-virus technology for fast, scalable, and reliable content scanning services to help organizations protect against viruses, spyware, and other malware threats.



Zero Hour Virus Outbreak Protection
Zero Hour protection is unique from traditional anti-virus solutions in that it develops protection for new emerging viruses or for variants of known viruses that when released in rapid bursts create an outbreak.


In order to close the gap between when an outbreak occurs and when traditional AV programs can provide a signature update, Commtouch has developed an additional layer of defense called Zero Hour Virus Outbreak Protection.

How is Zero Hour different?


No signatures – Most AV solutions depend on signature and/or heuristic (rule-based) technology to identify and block viruses. While this technology is still necessary for protection, it can take hours, if not days to create and then requires software updates in order for protection to start. Zero Hour works independently of signatures, requiring no updates.


It’s immediate – With no signatures or updates to wait on, Zero Hour can effectively start detecting virus outbreaks the moment they emerge. The Zero Hour technology is based on Commtouch’s proven RPD technology which monitors billions of messages weekly in order to proactively identify and block new malware as it’s being created.

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