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Wireshark Enhancements: AirPcap

Wireless packet capture solution for Wireshark and Cascade Pilot

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cascade_airpcap.jpg The AirPcap family is an open, affordable and easy-to-deploy wireless packet capture solution for MS Windows environments. AirPcap captures full 802.11 data, management and control frames that can be viewed in Wireshark and Cascade Pilot, providing in-depth protocol dissection and analysis capabilities. AirPcap is available in three models: AirPcap Classic, AirPcap Tx and AirPcap Nx

"Out with the old, in with the 11n USB AirPcap Nx! Whether diagnosing enterprise wireless issues or picking a channel for my Grandma’s wifi, this adapter is my favorite. It looks cool, it’s light as a feather and (since it’s integrated with WinPcap) it works seamlessly with Wireshark."
—Larry Averitt, Intel Corporation, Mobility Group

ModelAirPcap ClassicAirPcap TxAirPcap Nx
Full 802.11 Capture Yes Yes Yes
Wireshark Integration Yes Yes Yes
Multi-channel Monitoring
(requires 2+ adapters)
Yes Yes Yes
Packet Transmission No Yes Yes
External Antenna Connector No No Yes
Form Factor USB USB USB
Frequency Bands b/g b/g a/b/g/n

AirPcap adapters offer an easy way to capture and analyze 802.11 wireless traffic as well as full integration with the popular Wireshark and Cascade Pilot network analysis tools. Three AirPcap models are available:

 All AirPcap adapters operate in a completely passive mode to capture all frames (data, control and management) that are transferred on a channel, not just frames that are addressed to them. When more than one BSS shares the same channel, the AirPcap adapter will capture frames from all BSSs that are sharing the channel within range of the AirPcap adapter. AirPcap adapters capture traffic on a single channel at a time; however, the channel setting can be easily changed to any valid 802.11 channel for packet capture. When used with Cascade Pilot, AirPcap can perform channel scans or lock onto multiple channels if 2 or more adapters are used.




cascade_turbocap.jpg(Gigabit Ethernet simultaneous packet capture and injection)
Full-rate 1GbE multi-port traffic capture and aggregation

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