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Configuration Management

Automated Configuration and Change Management

The TotalView Plus edition of WhatsUp Gold provide network admins with powerful capabilities to manage network device configurations and change control processes. Configuration Management is also available to existing customers as an add-on to WhatsUp Gold.




The impact of configuration changes to the network can be significant. They can degrade network performance. They can result in failure to comply with regulatory standards like SOX, PCI, HIPAA and FISMA. And they can compromise network security. WhatsUp Gold’s Configuration Management module automates configuration and change management for the routers, switches and firewalls on your network. It archives and audits network configurations, and alerts and reports on any changes. It enables network admins to ensure that all devices are running authorized configurations, to secure the network and comply with regulatory standards, and to reduce the time and costs associated with manual and repetitive configuration and change management tasks.


Archive and Restore Network Configurations

WhatsUp Golds Configuration Management feature provides central archiving of network configurations in a secure encrypted repository. Network admins can store multiple configurations for each device, including start-up and running configurations.


New devices added to the network, can be simply deployed with a  download of an archived configuration. If there is a problem, the device can be restored to a known good configuration, minimizing downtime. In both cases, this saves considerable time versus building configurations from scratch.


WhatsUp Gold supports bulk configuration changes for multiple devices. For example, many IT organizations mandate monthly password changes to secure their network. A bulk change feature automates this process, rather than changing passwords one device at a time. Bulk changes and other tasks can be scheduled to run automatically.


Alert on Configuration Changes

Network admins need to account for every network configuration change, approved or not. Configuration Management alerts on any changes it detects each time it scans its configuration database. Scans can be scheduled to run automatically to shorten the window between when a change is made and when an alert is issued. In addition, WhatsUp Gold can also alert on configuration changes using SNMP traps. Alerts are integrated into the Alert Center.


Audit and Report on Network Configurations

Configuration Management can be scheduled to run regular audits on network devices to prove compliance with archived configurations. Most organizations also contend with regulatory standards like SOX, PCI, HIPAA and FISMA. They are subject to annual audits which can be costly and disruptive to IT operations. It automates the management of configuration compliance for these regulatory mandates with out-of-the-box configuration templates.


Policy audits and audit trail reports provide documented proof of compliance, as well as identify any problem areas. As a result, you improve the efficiency of internal and external audit processes – with less time and money, no disruption, and higher probability of a successful audit.


When authorized changes to network configurations are made, Network admins need to validate them. When unauthorized changes are made, Network admins need to find them – quickly. Configuration Management simplifies these processes by generating reports comparing running to archived configurations and identifying the specific changes.


With WhatsUp Gold’s Configuration Management, network admins can automate configuration and change management to eliminate common and repetitive configuration tasks, to ensure networks are running authorized configurations, to secure the network, and to comply with regulatory standards.

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