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ConVirt for VMware

logo-vmware-small.jpgConVirt is a powerful virtualization management platform for administering and automating your VMware infrastructure. Use ConVirt if you need to add self-service to your VMware deployment, hybrid cloud services with Amazon Web Services, or if you want to manage multiple hypervisor platforms from a "single pane of glass".

The Challenge of Managing VMware

VMware is the virtualization market leader, with the most mature, reliable and scalable virtualization stack in the industry, including their highly robust hypervisor and comprehensive management tools. But as strong as the VMware vCloud Automation Center offering is, there are some challenges:

ConVirt for VMware

ConVirt is an enterprise-wide solution for managing your virtualization infrastructure, including host servers, virtual machines, and related network and storage resources. ConVirt provides full lifecycle management of this infrastructure, including provisioning, configuration, monitoring, administration, and advanced automation and orchestration. Here are some key capabilities that our VMware customers have found valuable. 

Let Your Customers Help Themselves

A ConVirt Virtual Data Center (VDC) is a web-based self-service console that provides end users with the ability to manage a pre-defined set of virtual, cloud or physical machines. Data center administrators define the compute, network, storage, quota, and user requirements for an internal or external customer, then ConVirt automatically assembles the VDC from the available pool of resources in the data center, and creates an easy-to-use self-service console for customer administrators to use.

Optimize Your Hypervisor Mix

Whether you’re looking to reduce the high costs of your VMware infrastructure, manage your transition from VMware-only to a mixed environment, or consolidate multiple hypervisor silos under a “single pane of glass”, ConVirt can help. One of the most powerful aspects of ConVirt is its ability to manage across a heterogeneous set of hypervisors and cloud platforms, including VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen, Amazon Web Services, OpenStack, and others. By normalizing functionality across these platforms up to a “highest common denominator” level, ConVirt can apply a standard set of management capabilities across them, making it easier for your IT staff to scale and providing a viable “second source” option to reduce your costs.

Deliver Hybrid Cloud Services Combining VMware and Amazon

VMware is king of the enterprise data center, but Amazon Web Services rules in public clouds. IT organizations need the ability to deploy applications to both platforms, based on a well-defined set of requirements, governance and policy rules. ConVirt allows IT organizations to manage both of these sets of resources from a single pane of glass, delivering them to end customers via self-service Virtual Data Centers with well-defined quotas, isolation, and user models.


Manage Your Standalone vSphere Environment Centrally

Discover and manage all your vSphere(ESXi) hosts from a central web-based console, including template-based provisioning and full VM lifecycle administration. ConVirt handles the most common virtual machine operations like start, stop and connect to VM console.

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