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SevOne:Performance Monitor

SevOne Manages the Performance of Your Network, Your Applications and Your Systems

Speed - Scale - Simplicity 

sevone-NetworkPerformanceManagementMap.pngUnlike companies that focus on only one aspect of IT performance, SevOne has the scalability to address performance issues at all three levels: network, applications, and systems. SevOne Network Performance Management gives you real-time visibility across your entire network infrastructure, while reducing cost and helping eliminate downtime. SevOne Application Performance Management lets you monitor and manage all applications across the network, as well as in the cloud and virtualized environments, without agents and on a single pane of glass that offers complete and instant visibility. SevOne Systems Performance Management lets you monitor every server, both physical and virtual, on your network, from CPU and memory to guest operating systems, all on a single pane of glass. Both Application and Systems management capabilities are integrated and included in the Network Performance Management solution, giving you a holistic and real-time view of your business processing environment.


SevOne Also Help You Manage Your Cloud and Virtualized Environments


SevOne Cloud and Virtualization Management is also part of our Network Performance Management solution, giving you an all-in-one performance management platform. With real-time visibility into both virtual and physical environments, you can monitor and proactively manage your virtual infrastructure with the same powerful reporting and workflows used to manage the network and physical servers.








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