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MOVEit Mobile


MOVEit Mobile provides secure access to files managed through the leading managed file transfer system, MOVEit from Ipswitch File Transfer. It allows users to participate in business processes while away from their desk. MOVEit Mobile gives users the ability to transfer critical or sensitive files from a mobile device easily and securely.


MOVEit Mobile is the mobile extension of MOVEit File Transfer Server, which is the reliable and secure hub IT needs to transfer all their business files. With its broad protocol support, MOVEit File Transfer Server connects with any system, server or client. Using the latest security technologies, MOVEit File Transfer Server protects files both in transit and at rest. And as part of the MOVEit Managed File Transfer System, MOVEit File Transfer gives IT visibility and control they need to confidently meet SLAs and compliance requirements.


MOVEit File Transfer Server - the secure hub IT needs for moving files
- Reliably transfer files
- Connect with any system, server or client with a broad set of protocols
- Protect files in transit and at rest
- Gain visibility and control over file transfer activity
- Confidently meet SLAs and compliance requirements
- Available on-premise or in the cloud


MOVEit Mobile allows users to:
1. Quickly and easily access files on a MOVEit File Transfer Server.
2. Send files securely from your mobile device.
3. Receive files securely from your mobile device.
4. Download and open files on your mobile device.
5. Access files and open them with other applications on your mobile device.


MOVEit Mobile Requires:
1. A MOVEit File Transfer server with the mobile option enabled, or MOVEit Cloud account or MOVEit evaluation account.
2. A user account on the MOVEit File Transfer server.
3. For Ad Hoc Packages, the MOVEit File Transfer must have this option enabled.

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