FTP Server with SSL/SSH

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Which WS_FTP Server is right for you?

WS_FTP Server is the leading secure file transfer solution for businesses around the globe. Whether you have basic file transfer needs or require more sophisticated capabilities, deployment flexibility, or security features to safeguard your most critical data, we have a solution that’s right for you.



Basic Edition

Secure Edition

Premium Edition

Enforcement External authentication (AD; NT; ODBC) Yes   Yes  Includes LDAP
Encryption and protocol rules FTP
SCP2 (Secure Copy)
Automatic alerts and notifications Yes   Yes Yes 
SCP2 (Secure Copy) --- --- Yes  
SHA-2 Yes   Yes   Yes  
TLS 1.2 Yes    Yes    Yes   
OpenSSL 1.0.1t Yes    Yes    Yes   
User provisioning, access and permissions Yes    Yes    Yes   
Password policies Yes   Yes   Yes  
Rules for IP and user lockout Yes    Yes    Yes   
Set user quotas Yes    Yes    Yes   
FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography --- Yes    Yes   
File extension rules Yes    Yes    Yes   
File deletion rules Yes    Yes    Yes   
User management rules Yes    Yes    Yes   
Rules for alerts and notifications Yes    Yes    Yes   
File integrity checking Yes    Yes    Yes   
Administrative delegation of duties Yes    Yes    Yes   
Visibility Server logs of all file transfer activity notifications Yes  Yes  Yes 
Syslog integration Yes  Yes  Yes 
Automatic alerts and nnotifications Yes  Yes  Yes 
Management Virtualized platform support  Yes Yes  Yes 
LDAP support ---  ---  Yes 
Simultaneous internal & external DBs  Yes Yes   Yes
WS_FTP Professional Client Licenses 5 5 5
Workflow and scheduling (With MOVEit™ Automation)  Optional  Optional Optional 
Web Transfer Module (HTTP/S): Browser transfers with WFTP Server  --- ---  Unlimited 
Ad Hoc Transfer Module: Person-to-person transfers ---   25  Unlimited
Outlook plug-in for Ad Hoc Transfer ---   25 Unlimited
Failover configuration for high availability ---  Optional   Optional 
Hosts/Domains: unlimited Yes   Yes  Yes
User Accounts: unlimited Yes   Yes Yes

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