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Best-In-Class Security

Built-In Local File Encryption
OpenPGP encryption secures files and folders locally. Proven encryption technology protects sensitive data from misuse resulting from a lost or stolen computer. Secures files used as email and IM attachments or stored on laptops, networks, or removable media.


OpenPGP Encryption
Encrypt a file before transferring it to a remote server. OpenPGP mode automatically encrypts and signs (or decrypts) files prior to up/download. Double-layer protection when used in addition to transfer encryption over SSL/SSH.


Strongest Transport Encryption
256-bit AES encryption protects files from being compromised during transfer over SSL / FTPS, SSH / SFTP, and HTTPS protocol connections. The highest level of encryption found in any commercially available file transfer client.


FIPS 140-2 Validated Cryptography
Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) approved and validated cryptography up to and including 256-bit AES encryption over SSL, SSH, and SCP2 protocols and OpenPGP file encryption.


Guaranteed Delivery
Built-in industry-leading file integrity algorithms, including CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, and SHA-512, ensure that files have not been compromised during transport, and that the source and destination files are exact matches.


Integrated File Encryption
OpenPGP encrypts files for secure file management before and after transfer. Fully integrated public-key/private-key file encryption supports AES and 3DES ciphers, offers signature (key) strengths from 1,024 to 4,096 bits, and supportsRSA and Diffie-Hellman key types.


Non-Repudiation & Compression with MOVEit DMZ Server
Built-in automatic end-to-end file non-repudiation and compression between WS_FTP Professional and MOVEit DMZ server.

Keyboard-Interactive Authentication
Client support for dynamic client-server authentication. Users can authenticate and connect to SSH servers that require connecting clients to respond to server defined prompts for authentication, in addition to username.


Configure Email Notifications for SMTP Server Authentication
Users can easily set-up email notifications to be automatically sent when a file transfer occurs. Email notifications can now be configured for SMTP server authentication.



Post Transfer File Automation
New file workflow capabilities enable users to schedule a post transfer action, such as deleting, moving, or renaming the source file after it has been transferred. Ten built-in macros for dynamically changing file names including MM, YY, YYYY, HH, MM, SS and more.


Safely archive your most important folders and files. Schedule and compress backups to any location or device, such as USB or DVD drives, network directories, server connections, FTP sites, or Internet hosting services.


One-time or recurring file transfers can be scheduled to occur automatically.


Synch to any location, virtually any device, drive, or server. Easily define which files get transferred and how new or updated files are handled.


Use of our programming scripting tool to automate recurring transfer tasks.


Files can be automatically compressed into .zip format before uploading.


Keep records of your WS_FTP usage with Transfer Manager, Transfer History, and Connection Log.


Email Notifications
Enable automatic email notifications to alert others that a transfer has occurred, and to verify that your transfer has been successful.


Ease Of Use

Improved User Interface
Several usability improvements have streamlined the WS_FTP Professional user interface, including new, modern toolbar icons; customizable display options that apply evenly to all visible controls; and availability of the licensing application in the German language.


Support for Microsoft IIS and Apache Web Servers:
Connect and transfer files over HTTP/S connections with Microsoft IIS and Apache web servers with full file/folder listings and navigation.


Support for Networked UNC Paths
Ability to access UNC shared drives in your local folder by either IP address or machine name.


Getting Started Guide, tutorials, and Connection Wizard make it easy to connect to an FTP or SSH server and transfer files—even transfer multiple files at once.


Choice of Protocols
Transfer protocols include FTP, SSL, FTPS, SSH, SFTP, HTTP and HTTPS.


Easily locate and transfer files using integrated Google™, Copernic™ or Windows® desktop search engines. Search by parameters such as file type, size and date.


View, create and resize thumbnails of images stored on your computer or any remote server.


Save and instantly and simultaneously connect to multiple local and server connections.


Linked Folders
Simultaneously navigate any two connections with the same tree structure.


Simple Transfers
Drag-and-drop and one-click technology lets you move any size and type of files between your computer and a remote FTP or SSH server, or from one server to another.


Proxy Server
Ability for all file transfers over SSH to run through the proxy server over HTTP.


HotDrop Transfers
Drag files to a designated HotDrop folder for instant uploads.


Storage Utilization Displayed when Connecting to WS_FTP Server

Copy Fully-Qualified URL to Clipboard

Enhanced Workspaces

Enhanced Logging

Rapid Deployment

Easy Citrix & Microsoft Administration
Centrally manage and rapidly deploy multiple-computer installations with Citrix® and Microsoft® terminal services for virtualized software management.


Silent Install
Customize installation configuration and quickly get large deployments up and running remotely, quickly, and easily.


Flexible and Scalable Licensing

Licensing Options
Whether you need two, 200, or 200,000 licenses, we have a licensing plan for you. Licenses are typically sold in packs of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 licenses.

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